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Part 2 of 4

Day 2 - Morning

Arlo Looking Cloud was in good spirits with a lot of supporters sitting right behind him, the Bellecourts and Bill Means included, helping his grandmother and kids around. Arlo's out of the black-and-whites they paraded him in yesterday especially for the local media. He looks good and calm, in civilian clothes with a clean braid down his back.

Four FBI Agents were called this morning, as well as Pathologist Peterson, and then Kamook Banks {Darlene Nichols}:

Rensch pointedly asked Special Agent (SA) William Wood if he knew David Hill was an informant. Wood said no. But Kamook repeatedly brought up his name in her long narrative, with lots more to go this afternoon, including the explosive statement that actually brought a rare gasp from the large audience, when she said Dennis Banks and David Hill forced Annie Mae to make bombs "so she'd have her fingerprints on them." Kamook claimed to have personally witnessed them take Anna Mae into a back room and forced her to make the bombs. They were trying to frame her, "bad-jacket" her, according to Kamook. Kamook also presented damning hearsay statements vociferously objected to many times by Rensch and usually overruled by the Judge Piersoll that Leonard put a gun to Anna Mae's head in Farmington in the spring of 1975, and had allegedly bragged in Oregon that he'd killed the FBI Agents at Oglala.

The FBI witnesses contradicted themselves all over the place. The first one on the scene at Wanblee said the body was "unidentifiable, black, and badly decomposed," and that he remembered she was wearing "moccasins and a dress." The State jumped up quickly at that, reminding him that she was wearing blue jeans and pants, as has always been reported. They showed him Document 302s and he had to admit, well, yes, "I guess I was mistaken." Rensch then produced another "302" with an even different description of her clothes. The Lab Technician read an original report stating that the name of the deceased at Wanblee was Donna Kiblee (or something like that) not even close to "Aquash". No dental x-rays of the first autopsy were apparently taken, as Johanna Brand and Ward Churchill have reported over the years.

SA Wood appeared to lie when he said he was the one who wanted to exhume the body because he "thought it was suspicious", when a minute later Rensch clarified that it was Judge Bogue who ordered the exhumation.

Rensch, "Did Bruce Ellison ask for the exhumation first?"

"No!" Wood fired back almost angrily. "We did. Judge Bogue ordered that exhumation."

Rensch to Peterson, the second autopsist, "The first autopsy report says Dr. Brown weighed her kidneys. Can you weigh kidneys without taking them out of the body?"

"No," the pathologist almost laughed. "The body I examined had not had her kidneys removed at all."

Rensch, "And Dr. Brown did no x-rays in the first autopsy?"


They also brought out retired FBI lab specialist Evan Hodge. He said there was no way the .32 bullet he saw could be traced to any gun. In sum, the State did not seem to have any evidence at all.

Then Kamook Banks took the stand.


Day 2 - Afternoon

Kamook continued with the explosive descriptions of Dennis Banks and Leonard Peltier putting guns to Anna Mae's head, and recited what Peltier allegedly said about the FBI agents at Oglala, "He said, 'That motherfucker was begging for his life, but I shot him anyway.'" Rensch then discredited Kamook's testimony somewhat, getting her to admit that she'd taken a total of $42,000.00 from the US Government over the past several years, for her testimony and to wear a wire to record Banks several times. It was all very damning, portraying AIM as a bunch of crazed Indian killers, and the government as the good guys. But all this had very little or nothing to do with Arlo and John. Kamook's testimony stopped in November 1975, the last time she saw Anna Mae.

Rensch: "Did you witness crimes being committed in 1975?" (referring to the infamous 4 Bombs that went off in October, connected to David Hill, Dennis Banks and Anna Mae, as mentioned above)?

Kamook: "Yes."

Kamook was essentially being discredited to the jury as a violent accomplice to crimes herself. She also said Dennis Banks called her on February 24,1976 to tell her that Anna Mae had been killed the day the "Jane Doe" body was found and before it was announced, apparently proving that Dennis knew Anna Mae was dead and that she was going to be found.

Leonard Crow Dog was allegedly also calling Anna Mae a "Fed" in July 1975. If this is true, it may be because Anna Mae had confronted Crow Dog at his Sundance for drinking, so he denounced her.

Incredible contradictory testimony was presented by Troy Lynn Yellow Wood. First, she told McMahan that, yes, Arlo had told her he walked up onto the hill with John, and that John killed Annie. Then upon cross examination she tells Rensch that, no, she never talked to Arlo about it. Arlo was actually talking to John Trudell. "Arlo never told me he helped kill anybody." Rensch pulled out the 1995 Grand Jury transcript, quoting her as saying, "Arlo never talked to me."

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