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November 2, 2005

John with his daughters Naneek and Chusia.

To All My Friends and Supporters:

I would like to take this time to extend greetings to you and am hoping this letter finds you happy and healthy.

First I want to say thank you from myself and family to all of you out there that have been supporting me. Your support has all helped my family and myself in getting through this ordeal. From the time of my arrest up to the present, family, friends and good people from all over have stepped forward and offered their support in one form or another.

For helping get the word out about what has been happening, I thank family and very close personal friends. Thanks to everyone who took the time to write immediate letters of support or make phone calls and e-mails to the right people on my behalf. This aided me in my getting bail. I am grateful for all those family members and close friends who managed to come up with property and cash to secure my bail even though I have no criminal record. I was put on a very short leash (house arrest) and am not allowed, other than for legal reasons or a medical emergency, to leave the house. I am not allowed to work even though my employer was more than willing to employ me and has work for me.

Throughout all of this so far the experience has taught me valuable lessons about true friendships and for this I will always be grateful to all of you who have stepped forward - thank you.

I would like at this time to ask you all for your continued support and efforts to stop this extradition. Letters to the Federal Justice Minister are important at this time requesting that he request full disclosure on several matters in the USA’s summary of evidence. At this time, only the Justice Minister has the ability to demand disclosure. All Canadians should be concerned that the Extradition Act 1999 disregards and dismisses Canadian Sovereignty and our Canadian Constitutional rights and allows the United States to seek and be granted extradition on the basis of hearsay and other evidence that does not meet the legal standard to warrant a trial in Canadian Courts. Again, I thank you for your continued support with your letters to the Justice Minister and copies to the Prime Minister as well your local member of parliament.

I would also ask that you visit our Website www.grahamdefense.org and sign our online petition to stop this abuse of process. I thank you for your time.


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