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Mail may be sent directly to John Graham: South Dakota State Penitentiary, John Graham
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Injustice: The Controverstial Case of John Graham, May 2013

Petition January 2013
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Interview June 26, 2006 of Bruce Ellison, former Lawyer to Leonard Peltier

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by Murder,
a fight for justice"
A 22-minute
about John Graham,
by CTV's First Story, at

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How You Can Help
"Release John Graham"
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Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

Amnesty International


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Lakota Student Alliance
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Arlo Looking Cloud
Defense Fund


What's New
- July 23, 2023: The Time-line of John Graham's Trip with Anna Mae Aquash From Denver to Pine Ridge in November 1975. By John Graham, July 23, 2023

Trial Transcripts and
Other Legal Documents

Press Release June 12, 2013; Release Canadian Native John Graham - SD Supreme Court Had No Jurisdiction

From John Graham
May 15, 2011

Position Statement

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Arlo Looking Cloud's Trial, Feb. 2004

Who is John Graham?
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Promoting truth and justice
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John Graham.

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"If you avoid breaking laws and do what you're told and ignore the poor, the oppressed and the downtrodden - you probably won't be bothered.

If you try to right what is wrong, however, you will surely meet great opposition and run the risk of imprisonment or death."

Leonard Peltier, Political Prisoner
January 23, 2004

Excerpt from Leonard Peltier's annual message delivered in conjunction with the 28th anniversary of his incarceration on February 6th.

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