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On January 16, 2004, John Graham was granted bail by Assistant BC Supreme Court Justice Dohm. John had been incarcerated for 40 days, unable to embrace his loved ones and cut off from the world.

A final poetic moment in John's release involved one final signature. Robert Newbrook was the last of John's five volunteer supervisors to sign the release documents. Robert has long spoken about his role in the arrest of Leonard Peltier, and how it has haunted him since he became aware of the fraudulent nature of that US extradition.

And so, with the signature of a man who regrets participating in Peltier's arrest, John Graham Leonard Peltier's friend and fellow warrior in the American Indian Movement is released from custody.

This photo of John holding his daughter graced the front page of the Yukon News (published in John's home territory), and sums up the reason behind the effort to secure John's release. At this moment, all of us looking on have a clear vision of what we are fighting for for the right to live and love one another, and to prevent a long list of victims to grow any further.
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- Personal Photo Album
- A History of Activism